MEGSinger / Fashion Designer

Based in LONDON (2015-), TOKYO, PARIS
Released 13 albums and 3 concert DVDs. Boasts a total of 2,500,000 followers as a top influencer in social media. Currently lives in London. (July,2015)
Debuted in 2002 with "Scanty Blues," a collaboration with Okamura Yasuyuki. Also had her French debut with the album "mgrmx LPs."
She has repeatedly topped the iTunes album charts for Japanese and Western music with her albums "BEAM," "STEP" and "BEAUTIFUL."

In addition to her solo touring, she has appeared at the Paris JAPAN EXPO '09 and twice at SUMMER SONIC, where she experienced performing in front of an audience of 20,000 after LADY GAGA.

In 2009, she published a biographical book called “MEG FILES.”

Despite no major appearances on TV or in commercials, she always receives a mention in web and fashion magazine popularity rankings. Her constant presence on fashion magazine covers such as “Zipper,” “PS” and “SEDA” is a testament to her position in Harajuku culture as a fashion icon.

After, offers for her designs have been flooding in, and in 2009 she worked on Uniqlo’s "UT" and "iPhone" projects. Her collaboration for the film “Evangelion: 2.0 You Can (Not) Advance” also received much attention.

Based in Omotesando, her designer brand, CAROLINA GLASER, has branched out overseas from its 24 stores nationwide (including stores in PARCO and Isetan), and it shone as the most popular brand among young women in Japan in 2010. She also has a design section in BEAMS Co., Ltd. and has expanded the business mainly via e-commerce and social media.

In autumn 2010, she announced that she would move her base of operations abroad, mainly in France, and focus on international activities for a while after her new release of a greatest hits album and two days of concerts at Sanrio Puroland, reserving the whole amusement park.

She constantly performed at music and fashion events in Europe, released new tracks only available in France for six straight months, and then restarted her activities in Japan in spring 2012 to open her 10th anniversary since her debut with a major label.

On June 13th, 2012, she released a new single “TRAP” and held a solo concert. Tickets were very hard to obtain, and set a record for the highest competitive rate ever; 42 applicants for each ticket.

In the tracks of “WEAR I AM,” the first full album in two years, she collaborated with various artists. Its cloth box was designed by ELEY KISHIMOTO from London and demonstration trucks with the same design went around Shibuya.

She is involved in product development for various brands and sells original cosmetics and breastfeeding clothes ( In 2014, she took up the post of special researcher of “au UNLIMITED FUTURE LABORATORY” to be involved in content and product developments about future.

In summer 2015, she moved her base of operations to London, UK, and splits her time between there and Tokyo for fashion design and writing lyrics for other artists.

She currently lives in London.